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BUM Marketing

Profit Without a Website

BUM Marketing. Have you heard the term "BUM" Marketing yet?

It basically means affiliate marketing that any old bum can learn, regardless of their internet marketing expertise or knowledge.

It is a way of combining Article Marketing and Classified Ads to market affiliate products, without the need of a website at all, and to earn profits online. And best of all, it is pretty much free. (It is recommended you invest $9 or so a month in US Free Ads.)

Free Classifieds

BUM Marketing is important because I believe everyone who is online and interested in making money online should learn these methods. Even if you currently have a website, learning these techniques will allow you to promote your website as well as your affiliate products, earning you more money.

You will need to be able to write articles and ads about different affiliate products, so a sense of the English language and grammar is very important. Its also important that you are able to edit your work for spelling errors.

You can learn all about this marketing method with an absolutely free course by Travis Sago. He has you join his mailing list, and will occasionally send you information on his affiliate products, but the course is excellent, totally free, and packed with very valuable information.

bum marketing method

Travis Sago'sBUM Marketing Method
100% Free Course

Here are some other resources on this site to help you with affiliate marketing:

  • Affiliate Programs
  • Two-Tiered Affiliate Programs
  • Article Marketing
  • Classified Ads
  • Eventually, if you find BUM and affiliate marketing to be your passion, you will want to create a website of your own. When that time comes, you will want to use:Site Build It
    You may also want to check out Site Build It's Affiliate Master Course, available here for free:

    affiliate master's courseThe Affiliate Master's Course
    Become a high-earning affiliate champion

    Click Here to Download Free

    More information on article marketing as a source of income for writers can be found in this ebook:

    25 ways to write for money25 Ways to Write for Money

    By David Goldsmith

    This excellent ebook gives the reader several different ways to earn money by writing. If this is your skill, I highly recommend purchasing this e-product.

    Not only does David Goldsmith give you ideas, he gives you tons of valuable, little-known resources for implementing your ideas.

    If writing is your skill, you need to pick up this guide.

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