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Boy Makes Family Bedroom Secrets Public

When my son was four years old we took a trip to see my in-laws. After a few hours in the car we stopped at a gas station so he could use the bathroom.

I took him into the bathroom so he could go and figured while we were in there I'd use the facilities then, too. As I was finishing up my son asked me "Mom, do you have a penis?"

I calmly answered him "No honey, I don’t." Next he asked me "Not even a little penis?" I answered him again "No, not even a little penis."

At this point in time I opened the door to leave the bathroom and it just so happened there were a handful of men checking out the selection in the beer cooler just outside the bathroom door. As we walked out the door passing the men my son stopped, turned to me and asked "Mom, does daddy have a little penis?"

As the men around us began cracking up I began to mull over the correct way to answer this question. After deciding there was really no “good” answer I simply rushed him out of the building to the car telling him to go ask his father.

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Oct 15, 2015
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Mar 15, 2014
by: Anonymous

LOL LOL LOL LOL I can just about imagine this incident and I would have done the same as you ROFLOL

May 11, 2010
Oh my!
by: Chris with SASAHM

That's just too funny! How embarrassing! Thanks for posting! I'm not sure what I'd say either, but isn't it always when kids say things like this that it's always at the wrong time? *blushing*

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