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get a prepaid cell phone and save a bundle
Best prepaid cell phones cheap! Cheap cell phone providers are not as difficult to find as they once were, and can be a money-saving alternative to contract phones. Learn how I got turned onto cheap prepaid cell phones.

It was a scary day the day I told AT&T where they could shove it. I had been a cellular and wireless internet customer of theirs for years. It wasn't that I was particularly loyal to AT&T; it was more that it was easier to stick with what I knew than to try and find something better.

In fact, I didn't really like AT&T at all. Their customer service skills left much to be desired. But there was one very good reason why they had my business.

I was grandfathered.

You see, I spent $190 every month with them for two dinosaur cell phones and one unlimited wireless internet account.

The cell phones were pathetic. Not as bad as my mother's emergency cell phone that comes in a 10-lb case and plugs into her cigarette adapter that she brings with her in the middle of winter in Montana when she goes to patients' homes 50 miles from civilization, but pretty close.

I had the cheapest, most boring cell phones imaginable. No fancy flip phones for me! The audio quality was nonexistent.

I felt our cell phones were too expensive as it was, so didn't pay an extra $5 each a month for the ability to text. And forget going online! I don't think my phone model was even capable of it. Each month my husband and I would use only a small fraction of the minutes allotted to us; we had over 10,000 roll-over minutes. And we were on the absolute smallest family plan offered.

So why stay? Well, it was all about the internet service. You see, we travel full-time, so I needed to have a wireless internet card that I could rely on to get online. I bought my wireless card on literally the first day that AT&T offered the plan, ages ago. I paid $80 a month (plus all those fees and extra charges) for unlimited service on one card.

Everything went fine for a couple years. I paid my bills. Didn't talk too much on the phone. Got pretty good internet service. But then one day that changed. My bill was slightly higher than normal, about $20.

When I called, they told me that they no longer offered unlimited wireless on their services. But, since I had signed up for the plan when that was offered, they'd go ahead and grandfather me in. They removed the charges, and I continued with business as usual.

Another three years go by. No more extra internet charges in that time. Then one day, towards the end of the month, I find that my internet service was, well, gone. Just like that. So I called AT&T and asked them what's up. They told me that I had gone over my 5-gigabyte of connection that month. I told them I was grandfathered in to the unlimited plan. They said, "Nope. We un-grandfathered everyone."

Now, here's the big problem here. Let's forget for a moment that I had been a customer for 5 years. Let's forget that I paid my almost $200 phone bill each and every month on time. Let's forget that I would even have been willing to pay extra to make sure I got the service that I needed.

The fact of the matter is I wasn't allowed the opportunity to do so. The internet service was cut off, without warning or ability to pay for extra when the 5-gigabyte was used, leaving me totally dead in the water until the following month.

Yep. That's right. I wasn't allowed the option to pay extra!

So I told them where to shove it, all of it, the wireless plan and the cell phones. The wireless plan was no longer in a contract, so I canceled that without penalty. The cell phones still had over a year left, but I managed to negotiate their cancelation fees to half. And just like that, overnight, I was left with the need to replace my phone and internet service.

After paying the cancelation fees, I really did not want to go to one of AT&T's competitors and start a new contract. It made me angry that I had to promise to give someone my business even if they did nothing to earn it. So I started to explore the no contract cell phone plans looking for the best prepaid cell phones cheap.

What I found absolutely amazed me! No more were prepaid cell phones overpriced, and destined only for those with bad credit. Now they had come full circle, and were a fantastic resource for everyone, especially those trying to survive off one income in a two income society. They truly were the best prepaid cell phones cheap.

The cheap prepaid cell phones plans are now just as good - and in many cases much better - than their contract happy cousins. And so is the coverage. It truly is the best prepaid cell phones cheap.

I have now been using Net 10 for 18 months, and this month finally upgraded to a smart phone. For $50 a month, with no taxes or funky phone fees no one really understands, I have unlimited talk, text, and data on my Android that I paid $130 for. I can recharge from the net, from my phone, or even at many stores like Best Buy, Staples, and Walmart. It's easy, convenient, and so much cheaper than I was paying before.

Up until this month, I used their $25/m for 750 minutes talk, text, and data. Occasionally, I'd need to purchase a new card before 30 days went by, but usually it got me through the month easily. I only upgraded to the smart phone to see what this website looks like on it! (and it looks great, making Net10 my pic for best prepaid cell phones cheap.)

I got my wireless card for the internet service taken care of too, with no contract. I now use Milenicom for my wireless service. I had to pay about $100 for the device. Again, there are no taxes or funky fees. My plan costs $59.99/m and I have more internet than I need.

So I went from $190 a month to $110 a month and ended up with more, a better phone, more internet service, and no contracts. We don't have a landline (haven't for more than 10 years), and if you are a mom looking to reduce your utility expenses, you should examine your lifestyle to see if you need one, too. In this digital age, a landline is becoming redundant.

Net10 isn't the only of the cheap cell phone providers out there, though they are my choice for best prepaid cell phones cheap. There are many others depending on your needs and preferences. Many of the best prepaid cell phones cheap also come with smart phone capabilities. Here is a quick list of some cheap cell phone providers.

Best Prepaid Cell Phones Cheap

  • Boost Mobile
  • Tracfone (same company as Net10)
  • Straight Talk (Walmart's plan)
  • Cricket
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Metro PCS
  • Cheap prepaid cell phones are great to give to your teens and tweens too. With starter phones under $20, when they get lost or broken, it's not as painful as having them lose a $200 contract phone. And once your child uses up their allotted minutes each month, they can choose to buy more from their own money or go without. No unexpected overage charges with the best prepaid cell phones cheap.

    What's the best deal you recieved on a prepaid cell phone?

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