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Becoming a Party Planner - $10,000 Money Making Mama Challenge

becoming a party planner
Becoming a party planner might be your ticket to stay at home mom income. What would be more fun than starting a childrens party planner business, and helping other families have great birthday parties? Learn how.

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Do you have serious organizational skills? Are you always aware of the next big thing? Is every birthday party you throw a major affair that's just a step above what your friends might do? Then maybe you have what it takes to learn about becoming a party planner for kids. This is an exciting option of stay at home moms who are organized, creative, handle stress well, and like to interact socially. A great way to earn a stay at home mom income.

Becoming a Party Planner - Getting Started

If this is something that interests you, but you're not sure how to begin, grab a copy of the eBook The Insider's Guide to Becoming a Successful Event Planner by Evelyn Rogers. This fun and fast paced guide shows the ropes for all kinds of party planning and provides excellent insight and tips on how to go about advertising your business.

Suggestions are also made on how to talk with potential clients, book locations for an event, and the importance of paying attention to the client's budget.

So what exactly is an event planner? An event planner is someone who organizes the details, the theme, location, food, games, and all the other things that go into putting on a great party. They talk candidly with a client about the budget and stay within those confines.

Becoming a childrens party planner requires some patience and flexibility of thinking as you will be dealing with parents who know exactly what they want and expect to get it. The Insider's Guide to Becoming a Successful Event Planner suggests that if you are a stay at home mom who sets goals for herself, is willing to ask for help from family and friends, then becoming a party planner might be the perfect job for you!

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Becoming a Successful Event Planner

Are you looking to start your own party planning business?

If so, don't miss out on this opportunity to pick up a copy of "The Insider's Guide to Becoming a Successful Event Planner" by Evelyn Rogers, filled with advice, tips and resources on how to start a successful party planning/event planning business.

It's a MUST for those entering into this fun and unique industry.

The Insider's Guide to Becoming a Successful Event Planner

Pros and Cons to Being a Childrens Party Planner

On the other hand, becoming a party planner is not something you want to jump into without doing research. As with any venture, consider the pros and cons. The first big pro is that you are bringing supplemental stay at home mom income in to your family by using a skill you were born with! A children's party planner can create elaborate high dollar events, or simple down home ones that won't break a parent's budget.

This is also the type of business you can run from home -there's no need for a fancy office some place.

Another pro to becoming a party planner is that you can enlist the help of your family in this venture. Nothing brings people closer together than by working on a project together. Don't forget about this important plus, too: you are using your creative skills in a way which will not only be financially rewarding, but emotionally rewarding, too.

Now if you are a stay at home mom that doesn't deal with stress or conflict well, becoming a party planner may not be the route for you. It does take time to plan and run children's parties. Not all parents may go for your ideas. You might have to "trouble shoot" in the middle of an event if little Johnny doesn't get exactly the right cowboy hat to match his Toy Story themed party.

As a childrens party planner, you will have to deal with finding locations (if it's not in the client's home) and keep the price of renting those locations within your client's budget. Sometimes you may even have to sacrifice your vision of the perfect Cinderella party to accommodate the specific tiara that little Suzie wants!

What does a day in the life of a childrens party planner look like?

The eBook The Insider's Guide to Becoming a Successful Event Planner shows you just that. If you are interested in becoming a childrens party planner, you will need to sit down with your client and talk about the budget for the event.

Listen to what the client wants for the child's party and talk about how to make their ideas work within their budget. Sometimes that's a tricky business so be patient and open to suggestion. Work together to decide on a theme for the party and what types of events the client expects to see during the celebration. Remember, you have to stay within the budget!

After those things are decided, its up to the childrens party planner to locate a suitable place to have the party if the client's home is not an option. Part of becoming a party planner and being successful, is developing relationships with vendors who run inflatable jump houses, make balloon animals, or know how to rent out magicians, clowns, and other fun characters.

Timely updates are a must between you and the client, as well as, nailing down times for set up on the big day.

You will want to have a contract for your client to fill out, too. The Insider's Guide to Becoming a Successful Event Planner will help you coordinate all aspects of becoming a party planner!

Advertising Your Party Planning Business

Building up a clientele is important in order to be a successful childrens party planner. Word of mouth is always great, but business cards, fliers, and ads in the newspaper all help in getting your business name out there. One of the most useful tools for advertising is to create a website.

Lots of stay at home moms are frightened by the idea of creating their own website, but using a site like SiteBuildIt makes it much easier. SiteBuildIt is the platform used to create this website, Stay a Stay at Home Mom.

SBI offers easy to use steps on crafting a website that will tell your clients who you are and what services you can provide. With a website, you can post rates, present children's party themes, and testimonial from clients.

You may even be able to package your party theme ideas and market them to other parents interested in putting on the party themselves. SBI also provides monetization ideas that again can add to your supplemental income.

Becoming a party planner isn't as hard as you think. It just requires organization skills, time, and creativity. If done right, this could be a rewarding opportunity for not only the stay at home mom income, but her family, too. What tips can you give about becoming a party planner?

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