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Follow Up After the Sale with Autoresponder Lists

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Autoresponder Success - Follow Up After the Sale with Autoresponder Lists

grow your biz with a mailing list
Autoresponder success is all about proper follow up after the sale with stay at home mom businesses.

Use this autoresponder comparison to learn all about autoresponder lists.

Did you know that it typically takes a person 6-8 times being exposed to a particular product or idea before they are willing to make a purchase?

Six to Eight times!
So how do we expose everyone on our contact list to this information that many times without spending every waking moment re-contacting them?

What are Autoresponder Lists?

Autoresponder lists are prewritten emails, send out on a predetermined schedule, to a list of customers and/or prospects.

You can also send out broadcasts such as newsletters and sales specials.

How does autoresponder success work?
  • Your prospect and/or customer subscribes to your list, which triggers the sending of your information

  • You decide what information to include, and how frequently

  • You can email your prospects daily, weekly, monthly, annually, or in any combination

  • You can include opportunity information details, product specifics, FAQs, sales, promotions. Whatever you'd like

  • Instead of sending out similar rewritten emails dozens of times, just do it once, follow up after the sale or initial conversation and have prospects join your list. This will save you time, and will expose your customer base to your information 6-8 times or more without you having to remember to send it out.

    Autoresponder Success Means More Time

    I don't know about you, but I am a very disorganized person. I tried, I really did, to send things to my teams and prospects on a regular basis. I was good at the first few emails and I would at least once or twice follow up after the sale of some of my products, but, after that... It didn't work out. Luckily, then I got my autoresponder lists!

    And what is the #1 rule of business?
  • Follow up
  • Follow Up
  • If you follow up with your customers and your prospects, you will succeed.


    Autoresponder success is that simple. So, if you need to save time, become better organized, and want to see your sales soar, you will need an effective autoresponder. Take a look at the following autoresponder comparisons. These programs charge a monthly fee, typically around $20, and will store all your information for you. Most have templates if you want to spice up emails, or plain text if you do not. The two programs I recommend are:

    rayven perkins

    Rayven Recommends: aWeber

    Are you looking for an autoresponder program for your business? I personally use aWeber, and my only regret is that I did not implement it into my website Day 1.

    I have dozens of campaigns, for various reasons, and send out emails to my subscribers daily. I can even deliver ecourses and monthly subscriptions via aWeber.

    It's easy and affordable to start. Do it now. Get aWeber for Your Business

    Get Response

    Another autoresponder for stay at home mom businesses is Get Response. It's comparable to aWeber and just as user friendly.

    Like aWeber, you can create as many campaigns as you'd like.

    Another great thing about Get Response is their informative lessons on how to properly gain autoresponder success. You can get this information FREE.

    I highly suggest that you join this list, even if you already have an autoresponder program. There is lots of info given away for free here that will really boost your business.

    Get information on Get Response

    What autoresponder do you use for your list?

    tell us what you think

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