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Learn about Jerky Direct, the network marketing company taking the world by storm! Commit to $14.75 a month to become an active jerky direct distributor. Find out why the jerky direct comp plan is one of the best in network marketing, and start your business today.

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You've heard me talk about network marketing for stay at home mom businesses, and you've heard me mention the network marketing company that I am involved in. Now let me tell you a little bit about Jerky Direct.

Click Here to Visit My Jerky Direct Website

This company began in 2004 and is one of the best network marketing opportunities out there. It is extremely inexpensive, risk free, and simple. In fact, Jerky Direct MLM prides itself on its KISS (keep-it-super-simple) philosophy.

The main product is an all natural meat snack that comes in a wide variety of flavors made from beef, buffalo, or turkey. They also have fruit snacks for those who do not care for meat (the fruit snacks have fish oil in them so are not appropriate for vegans).

The meat snacks are all natural and/or organic, and most of the products (except the beef stix) have no MSG, no nitrates, no hormones, and are minimally processed. The result is a delicious, healthy jerky!

The retail price is $7, and the same product under a different label is sold at Walmart and Whole Foods for $8-9 a bag. So it is actually a good deal, in addition to a business opportunity.

Click Here to Visit My Jerky Direct Website

Minimum Purchase

Most MLM companies have a minimum monthly purchase requirement in order to remain a commission earning distributor. The Jerky Direct business is no different. What is different about Jerky Direct is that unlike most MLMs which require $100-500 + monthly commitments, Jerky Direct's minimum purchase is only $14.75.

Yup, $14.75.

That gets you 2 bags of jerky a month, your choice, change your flavor anytime. Shipping is a flat $2.97 for your autoship. You can then purchase more product at the wholesale price if you'd like.

There are no sign up fees to join as a Jerky Direct distributor. No minimum commitments either; you can join and then cancel in a month without penalty (though you cannot open a new store for 6 months if you choose to cancel one).

3 Ways to Earn

There are 3 ways to earn money as a Jerky Direct Distributor.

Click Here to Visit My Jerky Direct Website
1. Sell Jerky Offline
You have the ability to buy jerky at the wholesale price of $4.29 a bag in cases and resell it at local events, charging what you see fit, for profit.

2. Direct Customers to your Website
You are provided with a totally free website about Jerky Direct when you join. When customers order off your site, the company will dropship product to them and send you a check for 20% commission.

3. Sign Up Distributors
If you help others join Jerky Direct, like I do online, and they join under you, you receive monthly compensation based on the product that they order and that they sell.
  • Get a monthly commission from their autoship order
  • Get a 5% bonus on all wholesale orders they place
  • Get a 5% bonus on all orders made on THEIR website

  • The Payout Scale

    shredded buffalo jerky About Jerky Direct: Jerky Direct comp plan is a 7-level payout.

    What that means is that you receive compensation from the monthly autoshipments of all those you enroll, and all those they enroll, and all those they enroll, etc, through 7-levels total. Here is the payout scale on the Jerky Direct comp plan:
    Level 1: $2
    Level 2: $0.25
    Level 3: $0.25
    Level 4: $1
    Level 5: $0.25
    Level 6: $0.25
    Level 7: $1
    Now, a quarter might not seem like a lot of money, but it adds up as your team grows. It only takes 7 people to get your monthly purchase for free, and because the product is of value, tastes good, and is inexpensive, you do not have as many people drop out as a typical MLM company.

    Click Here to Visit My Jerky Direct Website

    How do I, Personally Work Jerky Direct?

    Actually, I do all three of the above methods.
  • I love to sign up distributors offline and on this website (and our other one) by telling them about Jerky Direct.

  • My exhusband and I have sold jerky at flea markets and roadside stands.

  • These offline customers then make future purchases online, and some become distributors.

  • How to Join

    rayven perkinsJoining My Jerky Direct team is very simple!

    Click Here to Visit My Jerky Direct Website

    Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click "enroll now".

    On this page, you'll need to choose your user name and password. Keep in mind that your username becomes your website name, so if you were to choose "stayathomemom" as your username (that's mine), your website becomes: jerkydirect.com/stayathomemom.

    After this, fill out the form, choose what flavor of jerky you want, and click submit! You've now joined my team!

    Jerky Direct Monthly

    Jerky Direct is one of those opportunities that is available to anyone (in the US). With no sign up fees, no website fees, just 2 bags of jerky each month, everyone can afford it, and because everyone can afford it, it is an easy program to sell. I've put together a 31-day blog series on just what makes Jerky Direct and our team, XLer8 so special.

    Jerky Direct Daily Blog Series
    1. What is Jerky Direct?
    2. Do you know the 75% rule
    3. What types of jerky are there?
    4. My husband caught me in the act…
    5. Has the Penny Genie paid you a visit?
    6. Think you can’t make money with a $12 program
    7. KISS: Keep It Super Simple
    8. 25 ways to make or find $100
    9. Why do companies charge distributors for their websites?
    10. Why do companies charge distributors for a start-up kit?
    11. Are you as confused as I am?
    12. Big Brother is Watching!
    13. Jerky Direct: The Perfect Second Biz
    14. Team XLer8 Training Modules
    15. Learn Fundraising
    16. Learn Retail Sales
    17. Learn Offline Recruiting
    18. Learn Online Marketing
    19. Join our Team XLer8
    20. What does buffalo taste like?
    21. A special surprise for my viewers
    22. Sell jerky at shows
    23. Sell jerky at roadside stands
    24. Niche Marketing for Jerky Distributors
    25. The Importance of Following Up
    26. 8 Steps to Success
    27. Profile of My Downline
    28. What if I don’t eat meat!??
    29. Why people fail in Network Marketing
    30. What does your month look like?
    31. Autoship Woes
    Once you're finished with the series (or perhaps before), I hope you'll join me. Do it here:

    ===> http://jerkydirect.com/stayathomemom/

    Choose Your FREE Training

    JD provides training, but those on my team have the option to take part in one of four specialized training modules, designed to kick your business building efforts into high gear. You'll get to choose where your interest lies. Do one module, or do them all!

    Choose from:
  • Facebook Parties
  • Fundraisers
  • Retail Sales
  • Offline Recruiting
  • Online Recruiting Intensive

  • What questions do you have about Jerky Direct?

    tell us what you think

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    Please Note: No portion of this website should be construed as a promise of earnings. This website is intended to give people ideas on how to make money, not guarantee that they will. Your results will vary.

    It's important to note that though this website, Stay a Stay at Home Mom, is geared towards women, my team has both men and women from across the country. Also, the training for our team is open to all team members, not just moms.
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