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Living off one-income in a two-income society

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Stay a Stay at Home Mom - Living Off One-Income in a Two-Income Society

Stay a Stay at Home Mom. In this day and age, does it sound easier that it is? Those that master Reducing Expenses, Stretching Your Dollar, and Supplementing Income are able to do it. Join us as we explore WAHM businesses, real stay at home jobs, and ways to save money. For all those wishing to have SAHM income.
  • Are you a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom), or do you want to be?
  • Are you fed up with trying to live on one income in a two income society?
  • Are you stressed out by pinching pennies and always trying to make ends meet?
  • reduce expenses stretch your dollar supplement income

    This site is devoted to YOU: The Stay Home Mom.

    We've put this site together as a free resource for all moms to come to learn all about the ways you can stay a stay at home mom or even become a WAHM (work at home mom).

    We've researched every single idea we have given in these pages, and in most cases, one or both of us has gone far beyond simple research and have experienced the idea or opportunity ourselves.

    In fact, there are a few "life-altering" experiences of ours within these pages.

    Our goal is that no mother convinces herself that she "needs" to go back to work, but instead realizes all the options available.

    Cost of Working Calculator

    Before you decide that you cannot afford it, take a look at these pages to make sure you haven't missed anything.

    Being able to be with our children and earn stay at home mom income is basically about trading our time for our money.

    When we work outside the home, our time is extremely limited, and we find ourselves spending more than we need.

    As a stay or work at home mom, we are afforded more time than the working mother, so we are better able to take the time to save substantial amounts of money.

    There is something out there for every stay at home mom or WAHM.

    And though this site is dedicated to stay at home moms, if you don't fit that particular distinction, that's fine too.

    This information works for everyone, be you single woman with no kids, stay at home dad, working mom, retired grandparent or homeschooled teenager.

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    Are you a stay at home mom? Or a stay at home dad, or grandparent? How do survive off one-income in a two-income society?

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